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River Valley Rangers at Two Brothers Brewing in Aurora with Under the Willow

Two Brothers with Under The Willow was Amazing!

What an amazing time we all had here. Thank you to Two Brothers Brewing, and Under the Willow for inviting us out. Under the Willow and the River Valley Rangers are looking to join forces again in July at Two Brothers, details yet to be hashed out, but we’ll make sure to keep everyone updated about it! This was Derek…

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Marky Swanson and Derek Gray playing a new bluegrass song called Fantasia Sunrise

Jesse James, written by Marky Swanson

Marky, our guitar player, wrote “Jesse James” as one of the first River Valley Rangers tunes a couple years ago. Since then it’s gone through its share of revisions, but fits well with our Chicago Bluegrass Sound.

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Derek Gray fiddle player River Valley Rangers

Fantasia Sunrise, written by Derek Gray

Fantasia Sunrise is a tune that bends the “rules” of bluegrass a little, getting funky and back to grass in an exciting way. Derek’s Irish Fiddle background is apparent on this one. Give it a listen!

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